How to make pancakes

Get your pancake mix

Measure 2 cups of mix.

Add your water.

Heat up your griddle (or pan), or both in my case.

I like to transfer my batter into my measuring cup.

Put olive oil or butter in your pan.

Pour pancake batter.

When it's golden brown (sorry, bad lighting) flip the pancake with a spatula.

You can tell when it's ready to flip without looking at the bottom, because it will have a lot of bubbles and look kind of "leathery" at the sides.

After you cook it completely, spread butter on top and....

Add some brown sugar. Put another pancake on top and add the butter and brown sugar. They will melt together and "caramel-ize" the pancake. This is how people would make pancakes in the 1800's.

All of my pancakes finished from top view.

And side view. I made a ton, because I was making breakfast for my whole family (a total of five people).

Watch the video: BASIC PANCAKE RECIPE by Bluebell Recipes

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