How to make tai miso ochyazuke

First off, you will need to have water at any amount wanted into a soup pan or pot and the kombu must be put into the water and put over the fire to boil.

After letting the kombu boil in the water for approximately 30 minutes, take out the kombu piece and put in the dried bonito and let it sizzle to release its flavor.

Since making the dashi will take a while, we can start making the miso marinated tai sashimi.

First off we will grab a ziplock bag and put the scoop of miso into the bag. Then we add a little bit of soy sauce and put the sashimi into the bag and let is sit in the fridge.

Then, after letting the dried bonito into the hot water with the flavor of the kombu combine, take out all access of the dried bonito and...

The dashi for the ochyazuke is complete!

Take out the tai sashimi that was dipped in the miso and soy sauce onto the rice.

Although it may not look pleasing, it tastes good! If the flavor of salt is too much then adjust the taste to your liking by pouring some more of the miso. Enjoy!

Watch the video: Ochazuke: How Japanese Use Green Tea to Make Use of Leftover Rice

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