How to make a 'pinchoil' pot!

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First, select which color of clay you will use. Red? White? Both? What considerations might inform your decision?

Cut the clay ball in half. Use one half to create your bowl base and the other for additional construction. TAKE MORE CLAY AS NEEDED.

Using your thumb, make an indentation in the center of your clay 'semi-sphere'.

Holding the clay in one hand, use the thumb and fingers of the other to pinch the clay to form the walls of the bowl/pot. As the bowl grows you might use both hands but remember - be firm but gentle!

Remember the first goal is to create a strong foundation. FEEL the thickness of the walls and base. Too thin? Too thick? Just right?! Where you go from here will depend on the time remaining.

One option is to add coils to the pinch pot base.


Will you introduce a different color clay?

Will you allow the coils to show or will you smooth them away? Do not forget to smooth out any cracks which appear as you go along.

Will you add a base of some sort or not? Remember to check for stability.

Consider how you might further develop your bowl/pot in the time remaining. Can you fulfil your original idea or do you have to revise and adapt?

Your bowls/pots will be as unique as you are! P.S. Do not forget to write your initials and class on the base using a needle tool.

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