How to do a side kick pt. 2

I start by drawing my knee up across my body, revealing the knife edge of the foot.

Turning the standing foot, I thrust the knife edge and heel of the foot into the opponent. I lean back for the higher kick to tilt the hips. It can be performed to low, medium of high.

I withdraw the leg quickly to avoid it being caught. I bring it back through the same trajectory as the execution phase.

I rotate the foot inwards to reveal the outside edge of the foot. I tuck the leg in so that I can turn my body and hips quickly into the kick. The tighter the movement, the quicker the body turns.

I thrust the leg straight out in front, making sure to look down the shoulder to aim the kick.

After full extension of the leg and hips, I quickly withdraw the leg to be able to make my next move. I set the foot down quickly.

I keep upright for balance when drawing the leg up to prepare for the kick. I look over the shoulder, which acts as the aim.

I want to align the kick straight down the middle. If I am off centre, the power is reduce, and I might miss.

Watch the video: Focus Pad Kicking Drills Part 2

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