How to weave paper

Gather your supplies

Fold where my fingers are up to the top. (Aka fold it in half)


Cut slits in the paper. Make them as even as possible. Or if you want something funky, cut them all different widths.


Cut your other paper into the same sized strips.

It's ok if you have extra.

I laid mine out in order, but you don't have to.

Start weaving. Go over, under, over, under, etc.

Now go under, over, under, over, etc.

Continue to repeat those 2 steps. (Halfway done)


Cut off the excess

Same for the other side.

Side ways.


Doneee! You can use this as a game board, write things on the squares, as a calendar, or just use it as a decoration! (Also, you can tape or glue the ends in place).

(And here's my funky one) lol

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