How to make a cool cardboard table

First find 4 cardboard legs that are approx. 30 cm tall.

Glue small strips of cardboard to make it three layers thick

Glue 2 legs to 3 layers and leave a gap for the legs to fit in.

It should look like this make 2 of these

Next, you must get pieces of cardboard to make the table top.

when you have this, make supporting pieces to help the table standup.

Should look like this

now add 4 pieces of small cardboard to fill in the outside edges (glue the legs and them next:D)

Glue these into the slots that are open around the edges

glue the legs on the parts with extra support (the small pieces) and dry

Glue on these parts

Dry glue and tape edges for support(legs might be weak so add a sheet of cardboard to the bottom of the legs

Looks like this!! :P O.O

Now you must spray paint it the colour that you want! (Optional)

And then you are done! :D :P O.o


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