How to make an apple swan garnish

Set out all ingredients

Cut the apple in a diagonal in half to get two halves with the chefs knife

Now lay out the "nicest" side of the apple in your opinion like this

Now cut one half of the apple vertically, dont cut all the way to the bottom, leave a little space.

Do the same thing as the last step but horizontally

Your apple should now look like this, continue step 4 and 6 until you get a small wing

You should lay out the apple slices to look like this.

By this time, you can do the other side just like the first few steps and make it look like this.

now take the pairing knife and cut a rectangle in the middle to look like this, this will be for the head.

Take the other apple half and cut horizontally

After the cut, it should look like this.

now take the pairing knife again and shape a swan head

You can sick the seeds on the side of its head for the eyes, and now set the head in the rectangle, your masterpiece should look like this!

Watch the video: How to Make Apple Swan Garnish - Fruit Carving Video For Beginners

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