How to make a mixed media christmas card with colorburst

Gather your stamping supplies we will emboss in gold and silver!

After stamping with a watermark ink cover with embossing powder

Using a heat gun melt your powder

Shiny surfaces ready to paint!

Add your sentiments and emboss

This is my palette you can dilute small amounts of Colorburst to paint your pieces

Alizarin crimson and Terre verte over gold

Ready for some background or not, your choice!

Pinks and reds, i potentially have 3 cards out of one sheet of paper

Fuchsia over silver, lime green in the leaves

Louis metal in gold for the center

Liquid metal in verdigris to paint over the leaves, it's the shinny season after all!

Jade works well too

Background with turquoise, spray water over your brush loaded with paint !

Subtle effects with the spray over brush technique!

Love this background!

Now it's time to trim your cards!

3 perfect pieces from one piece!

One is a tag 2 are cards

Follow the embossing line and hand cut the centerpiece of your poinsettia

Use your fingers to curl the petals

Adhere off center so the petals don't match. You'll create the illusion of a bigger flower and will also add dimension!

Your completed tag with some textural elements

Add rhinestones to the center

A small 4" x 4" for gift cards!

I added some tiny jingle bells to the center for a festive look! More from me? Come visit

Watch the video: How to make EASY Mixed Media CHRISTMAS CARDS

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