How to connect google pixel xl to car radio w/o bluetooth

Your Google Pixel XL comes with Bluetooth capability to connect to newer car radio. However, Pixel XL does NOT come with an FM transmitter to connect to pre-2010 car radio that has NO Bluetooth

The Gizmo Guy Gadget provides a quick and simple way to connect your new Google Pixel XL phone to your older car radio.

Simply connect the Gizmo Guy Gadget to the audio port of your new Google Pixel XL.

Make sure the setting of the transmitter is set at the 87.9 FM

Make sure the setting on the car radio matches the setting on the transmitter.

Select your favorite music or APP. This works for all popular streaming services like Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify even Youtube

You can download or stream any podcast or sound media to broadcast thru your car radio wirelessly.

You can also use this gadget to integrate your Google Map to your old car radio. It will broadcast all GPS navigation instructions thru your car radio.

Additionally, this gadget also provides a very cool Talk Handsfree feature, which allow you to hear your conversation thru your car radio

For more info about this awesome Gizmo Guy Gadget @ Please watch the demo video @

Connect Pixel XL to Old Car Radio @

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Watch the video: How To Connect Phone To Car Radio Hook Up Smartphone to Older Car Radio EASY WAY

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