How to santa claus ornament with dina wakley stamps

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Gesso a paper mache blank ornament. Stamp over tissue

Use gel medium to apply your image

Ruby and evergreen to paint!

That red is pure eye candy!

Rosy cheeks with the enamel accents. They will dry puffy and shiny!

Grit paste for a textural look!

Wrap your wire over a wooden skewer it has the perfect diameter! It's all about the perfect scale!

Test it first!

Wrap the second eye piece, remember to leave a bridge for the nose

Pierce your ornament where the eyeglasses will fit

TRY them on

Secure with glossy accents

Voila, now Santa is ready to read your list! Tie some ribbon and hang it on your tree! More inspiration come visit

Watch the video: 17th Card of Christmas: Vintage Bouquet. Christmas u0026 Holiday Cards With Tim Holtz Stamps


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