How to make edo miso soba

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Transfer the soup stock into the cooking bowl. Set the gas burner at a constant temperature of 120 degrees celsius. Once boiling place the dried bonito into the soups stock.

After letting the soup stock boil, get a bowl and place the same gauze over it. Pour the boiled soup stock over the gauze and let it drip down. This is the Miso Soup Stock.

Shave the Japanese yam with a grate. Then add it with the soba flour and bread flour together. Mix thoroughly with your hands.

Make sure that the dough is firm. If it is soft add more flour. If the dough is falling apart add some water.

Firstly knead the dough and then use a rolling pin to flatten it out. Make sure to make the dough at a thickness of 2mm.

Once flattening it out, fold the dough in half. If there are any irregular or uneven places, where the two surfaces do not meet, please cut it out.

Repeat the process until all of the noodles are cut out from the dough.

Make sure that the water is boiling. After checking, place the cut noodles into the pot.

Use a cooking chopstick, to stir the soba noodles and separate the soba clumps. Do this for 30 seconds.

Head over to the sink and pour the soba noodles over the strainer. Immediately cool down the soba by washing it with cold water.

Place the soba onto a namabune, and put the Miso soup stock into a cup. Enjoy!

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