How to make lesfe

Start by boiling potatoes until tender then rice the potatoes.

Next add butter to the potatoes then stir. Let cool over night in the refrigerator.

Add all other ingredients, except the flour. Mix then rice again. Add enough flour so that its no longer sticky and crumbles.

Scoop out approximately a 3rd of a cup and roll into a ball. Roll out with rolling pin (Use lots of flower on top and bottom of your dough so it doesn't stick).

Trim off rough edges of lefse

Transport lefse carefully to lefse grill

Cook on 350 until lefse begins to bubble. Poke bubbles with the end of lefse stick it is ready to flip when it turns golden brown. Repeat on other side once flipped.

Remove and allow cool in between two towels

Spread butter across cooked lefse once cooled.

Spread sugar across the butter on the lefse roll and then enjoy :)

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