How to perform a simple card trick

First you will need to find a standard deck of playing cards. Remove any jokers or extra cards. You will also need a volunteer to do the trick on.

Start the trick by giving the cards a good shuffle. Make sure the cards are in a completely random order.

After shuffling take a peek at the card on the bottom of the pile. Make sure you don’t make this obvious.

Then spread out the cards in your hand and ask the volunteer to pick any card. Tell them to look at the card and memorize it.

After they have their card memorized, tell them to place their card on the bottom of the pile.

Then ask the volunteer to split the deck. Take whatever they split off the top and place it on the bottom. (Now you know that their card is somewhere in the middle of the deck.)

Now you have to find their card. Start by turning the deck so the bottom faces you. You should be able to see the number and color of the bottom card.

Start moving through the cards until you find the card that was originally on the bottom.

Grab the card that is in front of the original bottom card and ask the volunteer if that is there card. (It should be if you did it right.)

Watch as they are amazed, and tell them that you have magical powers.

Watch the video: Easy Card Trick You Can Learn at Home Magic tutorials #29

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