How to braid hair

The first step in braiding hair is to make sure the persons hair that you are braiding is combed out. Make sure all the knots are out You should be able to run your fingers through it smoothly.

Next, use one hand to separate the hair into three even pieces. If the pieces aren't even, when you are done and ready to tie, it will fall out.

After splitting the hair hold one piece in one hand and the two in the other hand. Make sure you have one outside piece on one side and the middle and other outside piece on the opposite side.

Take the hand with two pieces and put the outside piece over the top of the middle piece. Now, you should have two pieces in the opposite hand.

The outside piece should have became the middle piece. The hand that started with one. If needed readjust your hands without dropping the pieces.

Now that you've crossed one over repeats step 4 on the other side and pause to make sure it looks right. Don't forget to cross over the top!

Keep repeating steps 4 and 6 until you get to the end of the hair. If you mess up go back to where the braid looks normal and start from there. You DON'T have to start from the beginning.

If you start hitting layers and the hair won't lay down don't panic! Once you're completely finished tie off the hair with a pony tail and tuck in the layers! And finally, you're finished!

Watch the video: How To: Pull-Through Braid. Easy Braid Hairstyle

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