How to solve a rubiks cube

welcome to how to solve a rubik's cube, to get started let's get familiarized with the cube.

to start, there are 6 colors. blue, green, red, orange, white and yellow.

the white side should be facing the top. i will explain the abbreviations for certain maneuvers.

After you solve the white side, turn the cube so that the solved white side is facing the bottom.

if your two middle layers look like this, then you're set! let's move on.

if you're yellow middle piece looks like this, use F+U+R+Ui+Ri+Fi

if you're cube looks like this, then congratulations, you've successfully solved a rubik's cube! if not, go back and repeat the steps.

Watch the video: Solving the huge Rubiks Cube 15X15 in record time

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