How to decorate glass candle holders with deli paper

To begin with, I bought this as a whole on a flea market, with the glass being uncolored.

Grab a big sheet of deli paper and scrape some gesso randomly over the page. While wet spray with Colorations sprays until you're satisfied with the coloring.

The deli paper all wet from the gesso and sprays.

Dry it partially. Stamp onto the surface with a script stamp, lifting some of the color and gesso. Restamp on another part of the background. Continue until you are happy with the result.

A close-up of the background after stamping on it. NOTE: to achieve crisp stamping, clean the stamp inbetween if it gets clogged with gesso.

Gorgeous isn't it? Leave to dry.

This is what it looks like when it's dry.

This is the backside of the paper... LOVE it!

Color the stems with Colorations Grass inkspray, and quickly dry it with a heatgun; the paper is very soft!

Tear a piece of paper from the background to fit the glass candle holder, plus an inch or so; that will be cut off after glueing it to the holder.

Add multi medium thinly to the paper and glass. Adhere it to the holder. Remove air bubbles; it's very fragile, so be careful with it. Dry it first if there's any loose ends; then add new medium.

When completely dry, cut off the edges with a sharp craft knife.

And there you are... add a tea light ..

Both of them are finished... I am happy with the result.

Burning tea lights add to the magic of the colors.

And when putting the lights out, the magic of the colors is even more striking.

Gorgeous isn't it?

All finished up with natural daylight!

Ready for some dark nights!

WOW, look at that!

I am happy with it, so is my family.. they started photographing it as well...

When dark, it's as if the reds are on fire.

Yet, even the greens are showing up.

Beautiful detail!

Watch the video: DIY Best Craft Out Of Waste Candle holders

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