How to make a homeade sugur scrub

Start by adding as much sugar as you want. (The sugar shrinks when you add lotion)

Add body wash or shampoo to the first batch (or add moisturizing cream) note that we will be making 2 batches one with moisturizing cream and one with body wash then combined

Then mix well with a fork, add more body wash until you get the consistency you want

This is what mine looks like! It smells so good

Now I'm using this moisturizing cream but you can use lotion. The moisturizing cream helps irritated skin and helps if you or a friend has eczema

Add sugar to a separate bowl

Add your moisturizing cream or lotion

Stir for a nice consistency

Pour both bowls on a plate and mix together

Then add to a container

Keep a fork in there so whoever you give it to can get it out easy

Decorate your container and give it as a gift!

Watch the video: DIY Honey Sugar Facial Scrub. Remove Blackheads. Get Glowing Moisturizing Skin. Keo Chenda

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