How to make mixed media baby canvas

Cover the canvas with a thin layer of white gesso and let it dry. Add random circles using Art Anthology Bubbles stencil and texture paste. Let it dry.

Add more random strokes with Art Anthology Blocked stencil and texture paste.

Add a few drops of Minx- Stargazer ink as shown.

Add a few more drops of Minx-Majestic ink . Move the drops a bit over the canvas.

Repeate the previous step with another Minx color- Bankroll.

Use Art Anthology Lagoon Velvet paint and your pallet knife side to add lines with dimensional paint over the canvas edges as shown.

Cover the whole canvas with a very thin layer of Baby Blue Eyes Sorbet paint. I used a dry baby wipe and my finger to cover the surface with a thin layer of paint.

Mist the bare natural colors wooden pieces with Colorations Siesta Key spray. It covers the wood perfectly, but you can still see the wooden structure.

Paint the white paper flower with Pixie Sorbet and when dry add a splash of Peacock Colorations spray.

Mist the fabric and paper flower with Plush and Wild Orchid Colorations. See the difference of the colors, also it looks almost same hue on the bottle.

Spray Timeless Colorations over the page. Add all flowers, rhinestones, photo, wooden piece over the page as shown.

This is how the finished canvas looks.

Here are close ups to the embellishments cluster

Here is the side look of the canvas

Watch the video: EASY mixed media TECHNIQUES

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