How to make playdoh with flour

Hi I'm going to teach you how to make play doh (the stuff you need is in supplies)

Add 1 cup of all purpose flour into a large mixing bowl

Add 1/4 cup if any type of salt with the flour.

Now mix well until you cant see salt anymore.

Now get 1/2 cup of water and add your color dye now if you want to.

Now pour into the bowl

Stir stir stir

Now when it starts clumping grab it with your hands and start meeding it.

Add flour to your play doh if it's sticky

There you go thanks for watching, now you and your friends can play with homemade play doh!

Also if a little one eats the play doh you don't need to contact poison control, the ingredients in this recipe are completely harmless! So don't worry, thanks for watching

Watch the video: How to Make Play dough With Flour, Water and Salt. No Cook Play Doh for kids

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