How to make cheesy garlic bread

Grab your ingredients

and a big bowl

Add the flour


and salt

Grab your water

Add the oil

and honey

mix well!

Pour into the big bowl

And mix until just combined

Sprinkle your bench with a bit of flour

and knead it till it looks a bit like this

Get a pan about this size

You can use baking paper like I did or you can use oil or butter (usually comes out better with paper, that what mum said anyways!😉)

Spread it to fit

Get out the next lot of ingredients

Grab a small bowl and chop the butter up

Melt it a little so it mixes better

Put the garlic in

and give it a good stir

Put small dollops all over the top of the dough

Sprinkle the cheese over the top

I suggest that you actually wait until the bread is almost done cooking and then add the cheese otherwise it comes out very dark like mine did - I was just following the recipe sooo yeah

Sprinkle on the herbs

Get enough glad wrap to cover it loosely and spray some oil on it

Fill your sink with hot water and put the pan over the top. Cover with a tea towel

Leave for 40 mins

Meanwhile preheat your oven to 200° Celsius

It should look similar to this when finished rising

Pop it in the oven

For 30 mins

Just another photo😁

And this is how mine turned out in the end. It was soft inside and crispy on the top! Enjoy!!!😋

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