How to build a doghouse in minecraft

Make a five by four rectangle made out of some type of log. Use planks on the floor and put a 2 by 1 hole in the floor and use planks to make it so that you don't see dirt on the sides of the hole.

Add another layer of logs to the sides and place 3 upside down stairs in the middle of the front.

Place stairs on all sides except for the 3 middle in the front (the stairs should be a different kind of wood then the logs and the other stairs).

Place a bed in the hole.

Add trap doors to the ceiling, make sure they are on the top of the block, not the bottom.

Place a dispenser on the side opposite to the bed facing inwards.

Add a button to the right of the dispensers.

Add how ever many bones to the dispenser that you want (this is a treat dispenser for your dog).

Add torches to the bottom 2 logs in the front and the 2 logs on the sides of the stairs on the top and your done!!! Tell your dog that I say your welcome for the AWESOME house!!!

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