How to sketch a detailed rose

Gather all supplies.

Draw a circle with your pencil, the appropriate size you want your rose.

Draw a core spiral, that your petals will come off of. (Pencil) play with it until you are pleased with it.

Draw organic (no specific shape) petals throughout the rose. (Pencil) Remember there is no "wrong" shape for a petal.

Draw two leaves medium size against the rose. (Pencil)

Grab an ink pen. Any color.

Outline the rose and leaves with the ink pen.

One at a time go over each petal with an ink pen while using your finger or tissue (just covers your finger) to pull the ink towards the core, creating shading.

Repeat the same skill as step eight on the leaves, pulling the ink towards the middle of the leaf rather than the core of the rose. Also add lines and extra shades anywhere you please.

Erase all outlying pencil lines, also any still visible inside the rose. (At your preference)

Write ‘I love you’ or an uplifting quote near the rose.

Unveil your masterpiece to a loved one.

Watch the video: Realistic Rose in Watercolor Painting Tutorial

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