How to safely shoot and handle a hunting bow

Open bow case and unstrap your bow from its case.

Undo the release from the bow and strap it on your wrist.

Mount your arrow holder on your bow.

Snap on your 5 arrows to the arrow holder that is mounted to your bow.

Set your target out in a safe area with some kind of back stop behind it or a open field.

Use range finder and back up from your target out 20-30-40 yards.

Get the end of the arrow and clip it to the string with the white fletching pointing up. And let the middle of the arrow fall into the whisker biscuit. The arrow should be level.

Hold bow with your left hand. Clip your release to the string behind the arrow.

In one motion push with your left hand and pull back with your right hand that's is strapped to your wrist with the release.

Look in the hole that is in the string down the arrow to the little pins. Keep your finger behind the trigger till your ready to shoot. Slowly pull the trigger when you're comfortable with your shot.

Always be safe shooting a bow. Treat a bow like a gun it is just as powerful and is not a toy

Watch the video: How to shoot a recurve bow. Archery 360

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