How to draw a velociraptor head

Gather all the supplies you need and make sure that you have adequate lighting.

Draw a medium circle in pencil to make the top of the head.

Draw the basic out line of the head, leaving out the major details and defining features for later.

Go into a bit more detail, and elongate the lines on the left side of the head to make an eye socket.

Next take the bottom left line of the eye socket and connect it to the bottom of the jaw to form the jaw bone.

Next make another line just above the bottom line of the head, to form the top half of the lower jaw. The line should curve almost exactly like the one below.

Take the point that forms the top half of the jaw, and draw a line that mirrors the top line of the lower jaw(it should look almost symmetrical to the lower jaw.)

Draw a few lines at the back of the jaw to make the edge of the mouth. Then draw the teeth on the top half of the jaw. (If you want to draw a tongue, you can, but you don't have to.)

Draw the teeth on the lower jaw. (If you chose to add a tongue, then leave a small break between the teeth on the right side of the bottom half of the jaw so that you can make the tongue taper off.)

Go back up to the eye socket and draw the eye, making sure to put curving lines behind it so that it looks more like the shading of an eye socket.

Draw the nose hole/nostril

Add any shading details and horn/ spikes you want! Now you have a velociraptor head that you can impress your friends with!

End result!

Watch the video: Beginners Tutorial - Drawing Blue Velociraptor Head - Part 1

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