How to create a cake house (interior)!

Hello and welcome! In this tutorial I will be showing you how to decorate the inside of your house. If you haven't seen my last tutorial you should check it out!

Okay so a bit of a jump into it but in the corner of the top room dig a corner hole.

And in the second floor.

Now, looks complex but it's just building a stairway up to the hole using stairs and wood blocks.

Now I'm adding a ladder to make it easier.

Now for the second floor going up to the top floor I repeated step five.

And added a ladder.

Now I am on the top floor adding two furnaces on the floor in the corner.

And adding railings on top of them (powered ones are great)!

Next to the "stove" I am adding a cauldron with water inside.

Add oak wood the rest of the way to the end.

Do this pattern on the sign: O----O.

Add on all of them.

Kitchen done!

For the second floor, make one room inside the room. If that makes sense.

Add a door.

My hot bar is showing 😬. But what I was doing is an upside down stair with a trapdoor on top for a toilet.

Make a shower out of glass panes and a entrance.

And a lever inside.

Add a sink with a cauldron and water.

Make another room with room for a door.

Add a door.

In the corner, add two beds next to each another.

And add a three bookshelfs.

Add a chest next to the door.

You might wanna fill it with clothes.

Add a picture above the bed.

When you go downstairs add a sofa with stairs like this.

I also added a dog house with a dog, you can too.

Goodbye! Comment what I should do next and if you wanna see how to make a minecraft phone/tablet/iPad case.

Watch the video: SURPRISE KAY BUNTIS HBD Zeinab!!

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