How to cook russian pelmeni (ravioli)

To prepare a mince you have to put 1-1.5kilo of beaf and 1 onion in a grinder, if you want your mince to be really smooth put it in the grinder again. Add some salt, paprika and pepper

Now leave the mince and make a dough. Mix 1/2 glass of water and 1/2 glass of half warm milk, add some salt, 1 egg. Mix them slightly and add to the flour.

Try not to knead the dough very heavily. It should be very smooth and soft

Roll the dough in a big round. Try to make it as thin as possible.

Cut the circles. You can use a simple glass to get a nice circles))

Place a small spoon of mince on the top of each piece.

Form pelmeni

Add them in a boiling water. Don't forget to add salt again. After pelmeni fish out, boil them for 6-8 min. Took them out of the pan and add some pepper on the top.

Usually we serve it with a sour cream, which is an essential ingredient of the true Russian pelmeni!

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