How to clean upholstery

I found these ten office chairs being offered free on a on-line swap site. They are in great condition, just needed some basic surface cleaning.

I put the baking soda in a jar with a 'sprinkle' top.

Sprinkle chairs generously with the baking soda.

Let baking soda set for 30 minutes.

Use vacuum to clean up baking soda.

Measure vinegar and dawn detergent into a mixing bowl.

Use electric mixer on low to mix together.

Scoop suds out and spread onto chair.

Rub mixture into the fabric.

Let set 20 minutes or so, then use a wet rag to scrub/wipe the area you just rubbed into the fabric. Wash out rag frequently.

Let dry.

Fresh & clean!

Watch the video: How to Clean your Sofa Like New! Fabric Sofa. Deep Clean with me

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