How to make a quote wood sign

Sign registration waiver. Put on apron and pick out any paints and paint brushes you want to use for your project.

Pick out the stencil you want to use for your board. Make sure it has clean edges before selecting.

You may paint the background of your pallet board if you'd like. Painting base a solid color is recommended if you aren't used to stenciling, as stencils can bleed and this allows for easy touch up.

Allow base to dry if painted.

Place stencil on your board and tape it down with masking tape (located on your table caddy).

Start painting inside of your stencil and peel off stencil when you're done. Do not allow to dry fully.

Remove stencil while paint is till wet and set aside. Wipe stencil off with a baby wipe, located in table caddy so that the next person may also enjoy it.

If any paint has seeped through the stencil, use a thin brush to touch up after paint has dried.


Less is more. Scrape paint dauber on side of paint container before applying. Apply by stippling up & down-not side to side.Use fingers to hold down inside portions of stencil to prevent bleeding.

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