How to make old recipe pancakes

Recipe (for pancakes with cottage cheese, done for sweet serving): -2 glasses of carbonated water -2 glasses of milk -about 4-4,5 glasses of wheat flour -3 eggs -big pinch of salt -frying oil

And for stuffing (served for sweet): -250g of natural yogurt -200g of sour cream 10% -500g of semi-fat cottage cheese -about 10-16 teaspoons of sugar

Add flour.

Add milk.

Add carbonated water.

Stir a little.

Add salt.

Add vanilla sugar. I added 30g. It's optional because for the end the pancakes will be sweet. But I recommend this, especially the vanilla sugar because it gives aroma.

Add eggs.

Mix it with mixer.

For better consistency, I added one more egg...

...and a little of flour and little of milk

Again I mixed it with mixer.

Apply one ladle of this mixture to a little oiled frying pan.

When it is about this colour turn it.

When it is well-done on one side and a little less on the other, you can serve it.

And now the stuffing. Add semi-fat cottage cheese.

Bust it with fork.

It should look like this.

Add natural yogurt.

Mix it. It should look like this.

Add sour cream.

Mix it.

Add sugar. As much as you wish.

Smear pancake with this mixture. Smear only darker side of pancake.

Fold in half and put on little oiled frying pan.

When they're done as you wish, turn them. Fry in the frying pan for a while.

Serve them with powdered sugaron the top.

Or with powdered sugar on the top and with whipped cream. Enjoy 😃😋

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