How to make cajun tacos

Gather the following ingrediants to create this fusion meal that incorperates the sea shore and Mexican taste buds.

First dice up four tomatoes. Cut them into cubes in a medium/ large bowl.

Then add half an onion. Cut it up into cubes as well.

Add chopped Cilantro to the bowl

Squeeze half of the juice of a lime into the bowl.

Cut the jalppino into small pieces and add your preferred amount (more -> hot salsa/ less-> mild). Durning this step also grind the salt and pepper into the bowl and mix thoroughly.

Take out flank steak that has been marinating in the fridge over night in Poblano and lime BBQ sauce and place in frying pan.

Drain extra sauce out of pan.

Individually rub Chipotle chilli pepper and cayenne pepper spices onto the shrimp and then place them into the oven on a baking sheet at 350 for 20 minutes.

Once the shrimp have crisped up in the oven mix them in with the steak in the frying pan to allow the flavours to mix.

get another bowl and smash up two avocados. Sqeeze the juice of half of a lime into the bowl and mix to a creme consistancey.

Place the corn tortilla's into a frying pan one at a time to heat them on both sides just before serving.

Place the meat into the tortilla first, place salsa directly on top of the meat, then spoon out some guacamole on one side of the meat. Finally, pour Green Mexican Sauce on top.

Finally mix up a cooled cup of margriat to tie the whole dish together.

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