How to pair bbq chicken and salad

Buy pre cut kale and cabage and add a handful of dried crandberries and roasted pumpkin seeds

Add seasme seed salad dressing to the salad and mix

Should have a sinimlar consistancy of this picture.

Cook the pasta and let cool then add the diced up vegetables. Ganerasly add the yogurt to create the thick consistancy and a small amount of hot chilli pepper jelly for flavour and kick. Then mix.

BBQ the chicken until it is completly white inside and out. Then add original bulleye BBQ sauce generuously to the chicken and evenly disperst it onto the chicken.

Finally you will have a full plate of flavours including creamy pasta, light kale salad and high protein chicken with BBQ sauce.

Watch the video: Salad Recipe: EASY BBQ Chicken Salad by Everyday Gourmet with Blakely

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