How to make queso fresco

PREP: Get your mold ready. I got my cheese mold from Wish for a few bucks. Line it with cheese cloth.

PREP: Line a strainer with a cheesecloth as well and place over a plate.

Step 1: In a large pot start warming up the milk between 180-190 degrees. For approximately 20 minutes on medium heat (do not let it boil).

Step 2: After the milk reaches 185 degrees, set it off to the side the burner next to the one you have been using so it doesnt continue to cook.

After an hour has passed, the cheese should have completely separated and should look like this.

Step 3: Now start to spoon it into the colander with cheesecloth over it that was prepared earlier. Let sit in colander for 10 minutes, not too long.

Now wring out as much water from the cheese as you can using the cheese cloth it's on. Once you have wrung most out, transfer the cheese to a big container so you can mix it with your hands.

Add salt. You can add or subtract what I use. It's personal preference.

I added crushed chili flakes to mine. You can add whatever you want. Taste as you add though.

Now use your hands to mix it all up.

Step 4: now it's time to transfer the all mixed cheese into the mold. Add the cheese to the mold. Once its all in, flatten it like a pancake.

Add a cover

Put something over the top to put pressure down then put into fridge for a few hours to set.

DONE. Once a few hours have passed, remove cheese from the mold by slowly pulling up the cheesecloth. Thats it!

Finished result. Enjoy!!

Watch the video: QUESO FRESCO. Homemade Fresh Cheese Recipe. Queso Fresco Casero

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