How to make chicken zetti

Quarter white onions

3 pieces of garlic

Cut the onions Thin slice and minced the garlic

Get your salt and pepper ready.

Use a baking tool to measure your ingredients

Cut the pepper jack cheese thin slice

A block of pepper jack cheese

In the meantime, boil your pasta

This is almost done but not quite

This is what a done pasta looks like.

Add your garlic and sautee

Once it turns brown

Add your onions

Mixed them Together and once you see the onions turns glassy, you can add the meat

Once you add the meat, add your salt and pepper

Keep mixing

Butter for both the meat and the pasta

Add this much butter into your meat to keep it moist even when it dries up

This is ready to be mixed with the pasta all dried up no water

Add your glad of the butter into the drained pasta and mix

Add the pasta sauce with the cooked meat and wait for about 10 minutes

Then add the pasta

Mix it together

Add your chees. And voilah!!!! It's all ready to eat.

Watch the video: Easy Chicken Ziti

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