How to make a campfire

First you want to grab paper, newspaper or any paper like substance and roll it up,in that also make it a top like shape. With a few sticks.

Then cover that t-p like shape with thin sticks and or branches -you probably want a lot for a good fire- like the photo.

After you place your tinder you need to make the brim of your fire with logs/big branches-in this case logs- and place it around your tinder right side up.

It's harder to see in this photo but you want to add lighter fluid of sorts to get your fire a good start -that way it won't go out-

Dry leaves serve as a very good thing for fires all around- it's a good starter if not that use a very dry wood called "throw" It also comes as a good way to keep your fire stoked .

And after you do these easy steps you just keep your fire going with dry sticks ,dry leaves,lighter fluids and your good to go. Also to get rid of fire throw water on it.

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