How to make slime

1) gather the materials listed ( white glue, food coloring, shaving cream, contact solution, lotion, and a spoon) :)

2) your going to take your bowl and pour one bottle of white glue into it:)

3) add some shaving cream to the glue:)

There should be a thin layer of the cream, it should look like this:)

5) (optional) if you want you slime to have color add two drops of food coloring to the mix:)

7) (optional) if you want your slime to be stretchy add some lotion into the mix:)

Make sure you keep adding your contact solution until your slime is no longer sticky and it’sS T R E T C H Y :)

Also keep mixing until it doesn’t stick to the bowl or your hands:)

11) Your end product should look like this :)

Poke, Poke, Poke :)

Watch the video: How to Make SLIME for Beginners! Best EASY Way to Make Slime!

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