How to make decorative tassels from scrap fringe

I used several vintage Bates candlewick bedspreads from yard sales to make pillows for my porch swing These coverlets always have this cool tassel trim. I just can't bare to let any part go to waste!

So I used the scraps along with our Wooden Tassel Forms to make these cool tassels for the corner of my accent pillows Here's how....

My strips were about 6 inches long. Thinner trims may require longer strips for a pretty tassel. Excess can always be cut away but you can't add to it so better too much than not enough

First, fold the third or fourth twisted string up to form the tie of the tassel - then begin tightly rolling the band from the front edge. It has to fit snuggly into the large hole of the Tassel Form

It should be rolled as tightly as possible - hold the rolled fringe firmly in one hand while threading the tie through the bottom and out the top of the Wooden Tassel Form. If it won't thread through

Occasionally you may need a small crochet needle to pull the tie through the hole. If you find you need this, thread the needle through the hole first then roll the fringe.

Hook the tie and pull it through.

While continuing to hold the rolled fringe.

Sometimes you have to really work it into the bottom of the Wooden Tassel Form. If it is too tight just snip a little off the end at this point.

I find a tiny screw driver is great to push the rolled band up into the bottom of the tassel. You want it really snug so sometimes its hard to work it in the hole with your bare hands.

Insert the tiny crochet needle through inside of the pillow, at the corner and loop the tassel tie.

Pull the tassel tie through to the wrong side of the pillow corner

From the inside of the pillow, pull the tie all the way through so that the Wooden Tassel Form is pulled tightly agains the corner of the pillow

Tie a knot close to the seam so that the tie cannot pull back through. Sometimes it is necessary to stitch the tie to the inside of the corner. In my case a knot was sufficient.

Continue until you have added as many tassels as you like.

Be sure to check out our Pate Meadows youtube videos as well as our website under Tips/Techniques for even more pillow tassel ideas like this one featured in Southern Lady Magazine

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