How to make a fettuccine carbonara

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Make sure you have all your ingredients.

Let water boil until water is bubbling.

Add 20g of butter into a ban.

Grab 175g of bacon to put in the pan with your butter.

Put your bacon into the pan mixed with the butter.

Crush or garlic into small pieces.

Cut up your rosemary into very small pieces.

Once the water has boiled for your pasta put 375g of pasta into the pot.

Crack your two egg yolks, and your two eggs.

Put 1/2 of cream into the bowl with the eggs.

Put 1/3 cup of Parmesan cheese into the bowl with your eggs and cream.

Add salt and pepper to the bowl

Pour your source into the pan with the bacon.

Strain cooked pasta into a strainer.

Once you have strained your pasta you put your pasta into the pan with source and mix it up.

Once you have finished your pasta you can enjoy a nice fettuccine carbonara.

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