How to make low carb feta cole slaw - keto diet

Quarter the cabbage

Cut out that nasty core. That's not really fair. I don't know that the core is nasty. In this culture, if it's got a core, you cut it out. I'm a victim of society, don't judge me.

Now cut that quarter and half and let's do some slicing. Yes, you can use a mandolin or V-slicer. Set it to thin and you use the hand guard.

Mmmmmm, cheese

Do yourself a favor; until you're ready to store this, use an extra large bowl to mix this together. You'll have an extra dish to clean, but you will be happier.

The first toss

Add your salt & pepper. I start off with 1/2 teaspoon of each. After it's been refrigerated for a couple hours you taste it and add more if needed.

Mix the red wine vinegar and olive oil until you got a nice emulsion. Shaker bottles are great for this. Or you can just make a mess like I do. Add this to the bowl and toss again.

Now transfer to the smaller bowl, put a lid on it and into the refrigerator. Sure, you could eat it now. It'll be better tomorrow though.

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